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broccoli-debug Build Status Build status

Utility for build pipeline authors to allow trivial debugging of the Broccoli pipelines they author.

Heavily inspired by @stefanpenner's broccoli-stew's debug's helper, but improved in a few ways:

  • Supports leaving debug trees in the build with minimal cost when not being used.
  • Supports binary files (e.g. does not write .png's as utf8 text).
  • Adds debug style debug matching.


Pipeline Authors

To allow consumers to debug the internals of various stages in your build pipeline, you create a new instance of BroccoliDebug and return it instead.

Something like this:

var BroccoliDebug = require('broccoli-debug');
let tree = new BroccoliDebug(input, `ember-engines:${}:addon-input`);

Obviously, this would get quite verbose to do many times, so we have created a shortcut to easily create a number of debug trees with a shared prefix:

let debugTree = BroccoliDebug.buildDebugCallback(`ember-engines:${}`);
let tree1 = debugTree(input1, 'addon-input');
// tree1.debugLabel => 'ember-engines:<some-name>:addon-input'
let tree2 = debugTree(input2, 'addon-output');
// tree2.debugLabel => 'ember-engines:<some-name>:addon-output


Folks wanting to inspect the state of the build pipeline at that stage, would do the following:

BROCCOLI_DEBUG=ember-engines:* ember b

Now you can take a look at the state of that input tree by:

ls DEBUG/ember-engines:*


interface BroccoliDebugOptions {
    The label to use for the debug folder. By default, will be placed in `DEBUG/*`.
  label: string
    The base directory to place the input node contents when debugging is enabled.
    Chooses the default in this order:
    * `process.env.BROCCOLI_DEBUG_PATH`
    * `path.join(process.cwd(), 'DEBUG')`
  baseDir: string
    Should the tree be "always on" for debugging? This is akin to `debugger`, its very
    useful while actively working on a build pipeline, but is likely something you would
    remove before publishing.
  force?: boolean
class BroccoliDebug {
    Builds a callback function for easily generating `BroccoliDebug` instances
    with a shared prefix.
  static buildDebugCallback(prefix: string): (node: any, labelOrOptions: string | BroccoliDebugOptions) => BroccoliNode
  constructor(node: BroccoliNode, labelOrOptions: string | BroccoliDebugOptions);
  debugLabel: string;



  • git clone
  • cd broccoli-debug
  • yarn


  • yarn test