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Broadage widgets react wrapper

  • Tournament list widget
  • Livescore widget
  • Tournament Info widget
  • Tournament Teams widget
  • Tournament Fixture widget
  • Team Fixture widget
  • Tournament Standings widget
  • Leaderboard widget
  • Leaderboard Points widget
  • Match Summary widget
  • Match Boxscore widget
  • Match Play by Play widget
  • Team Squad widget
  • Team Schedule widget
  • Leaderboard widget
  • Leaderboard Goals widget
  • Leaderboard Assists widget
  • Leaderboard Yellow Cards widget
  • Leaderboard Red Cards widget
  • Team Squad with Statistics widget
  • Timeline widget
  • Lineup widget
  • Formation widget
  • Lead Tracker widget
  • Match Center widget
  • Match Center widget
  • more


yarn add broadage-widget-react
npm install broadage-widget-react --save

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import React, { Component } from 'react';
import BroadageWidget from 'broadage-widget-react';
export class SampleSoccerFixture extends Component {
     onActionCallback = (widgetType, actionType, actionPayload) => {
        console.log(widgetType, actionType, actionPayload);
     render() {
         // Soccer Fixture Sample
         return (
                 requiredFields={{ tournamentId: 1 }}
                 options={{ lang: 'en-US' }}
                 queryStringParse={{ tournamentId: "tid" }}
export class SampleBasketballMatchCenter extends Component {
     onActionCallback = (widgetType, actionType, actionPayload) => {
         console.log(widgetType, actionType, actionPayload);
     render() {
         // Basketball Match Center Sample
         return (
                 requiredFields={{ matchId: 286298 }}
                 options={{ lang: 'fr-FR', theme: "darkBlue" }}
                 queryStringParse={{ matchId: "mid" }}


Name Type Description
requiredFields Object Mandatory fields for widget in work are defined in this field
options (optional using) Object Language, theme, etc. properties are assigned in this field.
widget String The type of widget is define in this field
bundleId String The widget bundle id is define in this field
accountId String Broadage account number is defined in this field
className (optional using) String Assigns class name to main container
queryStringParse (optional using) Object Match the URL query string and widget mandatory fields to each other.
onActionCallback (optional using) Function This callback function is triggered by user changed filters, score change etc.

Widget type to bundleId

Type Bundle Id
soccerFixture soccer-fx
trioCombo all-tc
liveScoreTicker all-lst
liveScoreDetailed all-lsd
liveScore all-ls
iceHockeyScoreboard iceHockey-sb
iceHockeyStandings iceHockey-st
iceHockeyFixture iceHockey-fx
baseballScoreboard baseball-sb
baseballStandings baseball-st
baseballFixture baseball-fx
footballPlayByPlay football-pbp
footballGameLeaders football-gl
footballLiveTeamStatistics football-ltsts
footballLiveMatchStatistics football-lmsts
footballBoxScore football-bs
footballScoreboard football-sb
footballStandings football-st
footballFixture football-fx
volleyballH2hStandings volleyball-hst
volleyballTeamStandings volleyball-tst
volleyballStandings volleyball-st
volleyballTeamSchedule volleyball-ts
volleyballFixture volleyball-fx
handballH2hStandings handball-hst
handballStandings handball-st
handballTeamSchedule handball-ts
handballFixture handball-fx
basketballMatchCenter basketball-mc
basketballPlayByPlay basketball-pbp
basketballLiveMatchStatistics basketball-lmsts
basketballGameLeaders basketball-gl
basketballLeadTracker basketball-lt
basketballBoxScore basketball-bs
basketballMatchInfo basketball-mi
basketballScoreboard basketball-sb
basketballTeamReboundsLeaderboardPerGame basketball-trlbpg
basketballTeamPointsLeaderboardPerGame basketball-tplbpg
basketballTeamAssistsLeaderboardPerGame basketball-talbpg
basketballLeaderboardReboundsPerGame basketball-lbrpg
basketballLeaderboardAssistsPerGame basketball-lbapg
basketballLeaderboardPointsPerGame basketball-lbppg
basketballSquadStats basketball-sqs
basketballH2hStandings basketball-hst
basketballTeamStandings basketball-tst
basketballStandings basketball-st
basketballTeamSchedule basketball-ts
basketballFixture basketball-fx
soccerMatchCenter soccer-mc
soccerMatchInfo soccer-mi
soccerFormation soccer-fmt
soccerLineup soccer-lu
soccerTimeline soccer-tl
soccerLiveMatchStatistics soccer-lmsts
soccerScoreboard soccer-sb
soccerCommentary soccer-cm
soccerLiveFixture soccer-lfx
soccerTeamCardsLeaderboard soccer-tclb
soccerTeamAssistsLeaderboard soccer-talb
soccerTeamGoalsLeaderboard soccer-tglb
soccerLeaderboardCards soccer-lbc
soccerLeaderboardAssists soccer-lba
soccerLeaderboardGoals soccer-lbg
soccerSquadStats soccer-sqs
soccerH2hStandings soccer-hst
soccerTeamStandings soccer-tst
soccerStandings soccer-st
soccerTeamSchedule soccer-ts

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