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🔗 BridgeKit

The easiest way to build multichain dApps

Plug-and-play React library to offer in-app cross-chain bridging and swaps to your dApp.

  • 🔥 One line to add bridging support
  • ✅ Go from any token to any token
  • 🦄 Built with wagmi and viem

Try it out!

Try out a sample app here

Quick Start

Setting up BridgeKit in your project is easy - especially if you're already using RainbowKit!

Install Packages

npm install bridgekit wagmi viem
# or
yarn add bridgekit wagmi viem
# or
pnpm add bridgekit wagmi viem

Set up Providers (optional)

If you aren't already using RainbowKit and/or Wagmi - set up a WagmiConfig in your application:

Read more on how to set up a WagmiConfig Provider

Import BridgeButton

Import the BridgeButton component and the required CSS styles

"use client";

import "bridgekit/styles.css";
import { BridgeButton } from "bridgekit";

export default function YourComponent() {
  // ... Your Code

  return (
    // ...
    <BridgeButton />
    // ...

aaaand that's it!


BridgeKit is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


  • Axelar for the cross-chain GMP infrastructure that makes this all possible!
  • Squid Router for cross-chain swapping infrastructure using Axelar
  • RainbowKit for inspiration of great in-app plug-and-play experiences
  • shadcn/ui for the styling and components!
  • Matthew Bunday for the original idea and the name!

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