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    Breeze Entity Generator

    This tool generates TypeScript classes from Breeze metadata. The generated classes match the server-side classes and the query responses, so you can develop your application with typed entities.

    Breeze metadata can be generated from EntityFramework, NHibernate, POCO classes, or handwritten.

    Usage: Write your JavaScript file, generate-entities.js:

    const  tsGen = require('node_modules/breeze-entity-generator/tsgen-core');
      inputFileName: 'MyProject.metadata.json',
      outputFolder: './src/app/model/entities/',
      camelCase: true,
      kebabCaseFileNames: true,
      baseClassName: 'BaseEntity',
      codePrefix: 'MyProject'

    Then run node[.exe] generate-entities.js

    Input(s): A file containing CSDL or Breeze native metadata


    • One TypeScript module file per entity and complex type, with the corresponding class export.
    • A helper class (RegistrationHelper.ts) to register all constructors with Breeze.
    • A TypeScript barrel (EntityModel.ts) exporting all of the entity classes, for easy import when several classes are required.
    • A helper class (Metadata.ts) that exports the Breeze metadata as a static value, so it can be used by Breeze at runtime.

    Config Parameters:

    inputFileName: Specifies the file containing the metadata

    outputFolder: Optionally specifies the location for the generated TypeScript files. If not specified, the current directory is used as the location

    sourceFilesFolder: Optionally specifies the location to find existing TypeScript files. The <code> blocks from these files will be preserved in the corresponding output files. If not specified, the outputFolder will be used.

    baseClassName: Optionally specifies a TypeScript base class for all the generated entity classes. The generated entity classes will directly or indirectly inherit from this class. The file must contain a single module and exported class

    camelCase: Optionally generates the property names using camel case. This parameter has no effect if the input file contains Breeze native metadata. (See NamingConvention)

    codePrefix: Name to put in front of the generated Metadata class and the RegistrationHelper class

    kebabCaseFileNames: Optionally generate kebab-case-file-names instead of PascalCaseFileNames.

    useEnumTypes: Optionally generate an Enums.ts file containing enums defined in the metadata. Only effective if input file contains an "enumTypes" section.

    Description: At the core of the typescript generator sits handlebars which is responsible for generating the actual TypeScript source code. The output that handlebars generate can be customized by modifying the templates.

    Note: node.js must be installed and node must be part of the PATH.

    Custom code and custom references

    The typescript generator preserves two special sections for each class when regenerating the code. Those sections are <code-reference> and <code>. The <code-reference> section is for custom references and the <code> section is for custom methods etc. Following is an example of a class after it got generated showing the two sections. Everything between the opening and closing tags is preserved.

    /// <reference path="Order.ts" />

    /// <code-reference> Place custom references between code-reference tags

    /// </code-reference>

    import { EntityBase } from './EntityBase';
    import { Order } from './Order';
    /// <code-import> Place custom imports between <code-import> tags
    /// </code-import>
    export class InternationalOrder extends EntityBase {
       /// <code> Place custom code between <code> tags
       /// </code>
       // Generated code. Do not place code below this line.
       orderID: number;
       customsDescription: string;
       exciseTax: number;
       rowVersion: number;
       order: Order;


    node_modules (Directory containing the third-party node libraries including Breeze)

    entity.template.txt (Handlebars template for an entity class)

    entityModel.template.txt (Handlebars template for the barrel exporting all entities)

    register.template.txt (Handlebars template for the ctor registration helper class)

    enum.template.txt (Handlebars template for the file containing the enum classes)

    metadata.template.txt (Handlebars template for the static metadata)

    tsgen-core.js (The typescript generator node script)


    npm i breeze-entity-generator

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