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Interpreter for Brainfuck language

Brainfuckme (brainf-ckme)

Write the fcking Brainfck code and run the f*ck. Demo page.

Brainfuckme supports client and server usage.

For client (browser), use simply grab lib/brainfuckme.js and add <script src="path/to/brainfuckme.js"></script>

For server (node), use npm command npm install brainfuckme


var bfkme = new Brainfuckme();
  ',[.,]',                      // source code string 
  [97, 98, 99],                 // input data 
  function(output){             // callback 
    console.log(output);        // `output` is [97, 98, 99] 
var Brainfuckme = require('brainfuckme');

.run(code, input, callback)

  • code String which can contains +-,.<>[] code and comments
  • input Array of integers. Used as input (duh!)
  • callback A function that take two args, the array of integers and its String representation.

.resume(code, input, callback) - same as .run().

inputToArray(string) - converts string into array of integers.

.outputToString() - returns the output stack as String. [110, 121, 97, 110, 99, 97, 116] will return nyancat.

.value() - return value of current pointed cell.

.reset() - reset the object's state (cursor, output stack, input stack, pointer).


  • Now available in two flavors, coffee and vanilla
  • Various fixes