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High Quality web friendly icons

'Boxicons' is a carefully designed open source iconset with 1500+ icons. It's crafted to look enrich your website/app experience.

Announcing Boxicons v2.1.3!

  • Fixed the errors with a few svgs, added viewbox
  • Added 34 new icons


To install via npm, simply do the following:

$ npm install boxicons --save

import the module

import 'boxicons';


Using via CSS

  1. Include the stylesheet on your document's <head>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="boxicons.min.css">

Instead of installing you may use the remote version

  <link rel="stylesheet"
  <!-- or -->
  <link rel="stylesheet"
  1. To use an icon on your page, add a class 'bx' and seperate class with the icons name with a prefix 'bx-' for regular icons , 'bxs-' for solid icons and 'bxl-' for logos:
<i class="bx bx-hot"></i>
<i class="bx bxs-hot"></i>
<i class="bx bxl-facebook-square"></i>

Using via Web Component

Boxicons includes a Custom Element that makes using icons easy and efficient. To use it, add the box-icon-element.js file to the page:

<script src=""></script>

To use an icon, add the <box-icon> element to the location where the icon should be displayed:

<box-icon name="hot"></box-icon>

To use solid icons or logos add attribute type as solid or logo before the name

<box-icon type="solid" name="hot"></box-icon>
<box-icon type="logo" name="facebook-square"></box-icon>

The <box-icon> custom element supports the following attributes:

    type = "regular|solid|logo"
    pull = "left|right"
  • type: Should always be first and be one of the following values: regular,solid, logo

  • name : (REQUIRED) the name of the icon to be displayed

  • color: A color for the icon.

  • size: The size for the icon. It supports one of two types of values:

    • One of the following shortcuts: xs, sm, md, lg
    • A css unit size (ex. 60px)
  • rotate: one of the following values: 90, 180, 270

  • flip: one of the following values: horizontal, vertical

  • border: one of the following values: square, circle

  • animation: One of the following values: spin, tada, flashing, burst, fade-left, fade-right, spin-hover, tada-hover, flashing-hover, burst-hover, fade-left-hover, fade-right-hover

  • pull: one of the following values: left,right The Custom Element class (BoxIconElement) exposes the following static members:

  • tagName: property that holds the HTML element tag name. Default: box-icon

  • defined([tagName]): Defines the Element in the custom element registry using either the tagName provided on input or the (default) the one defined on the Class.

  • cdnUrl: property that holds the URL that will be used to retrieve the images. URL should point to the folder that contains the images. example: // (no trailing forward slash)

  • getIconSvg(iconName): method used to retrieve the SVG image. Should return a Promise that resolves with the SVG source (String).

Check out all the icons here!


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  • The icons (.svg) files are free to download and are licensed under CC 4.0 By downloading it is assumed that you agree with the terms mentioned in CC 4.0.
  • The fonts files are licensed under SIL OFL 1.1.
  • Attribution is not required but is appreciated.
  • Other files which are not fonts or icons are licensed under the MIT License.

You can read more about the license here!


Pull requests are the way to go here. I apologise in advance for the slow action on pull requests and issues.

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