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Install Bower packages directly to s3 buckets.


npm install bower-s3 --save


var BowerS3 = require('bower-s3');
var options = {
  key: 'some-aws-key',
  secret: 'some-aws-secret-key',
  bucket: 'bower-s3',
  componentDirectory: 'components' // optional 
  region: 'US_EAST_1' // optional 
var bowerS3 = new BowerS3(options);
bowerS3.install(['jquery'], function (err) {


  • key (required) - AWS security credential key
  • secret (required) - AWS security credential secret
  • bucket (required) - AWS S3 bucket you want the bower files uploaded to
  • componentDirectory (optional) - The root directory in the bucket for all the Bower packages. By Bower's default, the default is componenents
  • region (optional) - Region your S3 bucket is located in. Default is US_EAST_1


  • Provide a streaming interface as well as callback
  • Find a way to stream straight form Bower to S3. Currently we download the files and stream them to S3


  • 0.3.0

    • NEW - Install component by component name rather than component repo
    • NEW - Options for region and default component folder
    • FIXED - Refactor to use streams internally
    • FIXED - Remove uneccessary files.
  • 0.0.1

    • Inital download from bower and stream/put to S3
    • Lots of dirty code