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Bootstrap Tour Extended



  • Tour constructor now accept a template attribute thus the labels.* attribute has been removed.
  • Tour now emits an skip(step) event when skipping a step because the element is not visible.
  • next() and prev() return promise that is resolved when the popover is shown and that all callbacks have been executed
  • If onShow (at the step level or Tour level) returns a promise (see $.Deferred()), Bootstrap-tour will wait until the completition of the promise(s) before displaying the popover
  • Persistence option Memory, Cookie, LocalStorage via constructor new Tour({persistence:"LocalStorage"})
  • onHide, onShow and onShown callbacks now have a second argument Event with
    • {String} Event.trigger:: api | popover | reflex
    • {jQuery} Event.element: the current step element (onShow Event does not provides the element attribute useonShown` instead)
  • addStep now accept a function as element
  • addStep and Tour constructor now accept addClass string attribute, the specified css class will then be added to the popover element
  • the popover element now have an automatically added {}-step{step.index} css class

Bug fix

  • In reflex mode, leave the same css pointer as it was.
  • Don't create unnecessary $() objects
  • Remove event handlers after each step when reflex:true
  • onHide, onShow, onShown callbacks at the step level should not override onHide, onShow, onShown at the tour level


Install with npm install bootstrap-tour2

Release History

v0.1.0 - Initial commit


Copyright (c) 2013 FG Ribreau Licensed under the MIT, GPL licenses.


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.

Important notes

Please don't edit files in the dist subdirectory as they are generated via grunt. You'll find source code in the src subdirectory!

While grunt can run the included unit tests via PhantomJS, this shouldn't be considered a substitute for the real thing. Please be sure to test the test/*.html unit test file(s) in actual browsers.