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Converts json and yaml into a static html page using Handlebars and Bootstrap

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Bootprint is a tool for converting JSON-files into static HTML-pages using {less}, Bootstrap and Handlebars.

It is designed with flexibility in mind:

  • You can easily modify the styling by providing your own {less}-files.
  • You can easily replace the Handlebars template and any register partial
  • You can include custom handlebars-helpers or override existing ones.
  • You can create packages with default-configurations, publish them on npm and use them as base for further customizations.


npm install -g bootprint


After installing bootprint perform the following steps

# Install template module
npm install -g bootprint-swagger
# Run bootprint with the template
bootprint swagger target

The directory "target" should now contain a file index.html and main.css which contain a readable form of the Swagger-Petstore-Example.

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Available modules


bootprint is published under the MIT-license. See LICENSE for details.


For release notes, see

Contributing guidelines