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Bones Auth

Provides base Auth and AuthList (model, collection) base classes and authenticate Connect middleware for implementing basic session-based user login with Backbone.js, Bones and Express.

A basic User model that extends Auth is provided as an example and starting point. Integration with bones-admin through administrative views is also available.

Tested with

  • developmentseed bones 0.0.2
  • documentcloud backbone 0.3.3
  • visionmedia express 1.0.7

Running tests


  • bones-auth.js: client side javascript. Contains the mvc classes for any client-side backbone.js code to reference.
  • bones-auth: common js module for use with node.js. Includes server-side specific overrides to mvc classes as well as other server-side code.



Abstract model class. Extend it with your own model to create a model which can be "authenticated". See the User model for an example.


Abstract collection class. Extend it for use with collections that contain model classes inheriting from Auth.

authenticate middleware

Require authenticate connect middleware and add it as a middleware for authenticating models. Automatically adds and manages the Connect session middleware -- session cookies will only be sent and active when authenticating and/or an authenticated session already exists. Allows for sane proxy caching.

var express = require('express'),
    server = express.createServer(),
    secret = 'MySecretKey';

// Express middleware.

// Pass secret key to Bones for CSRF protection.
require('bones').Bones(server, { secret: secret });

// Require bones-auth to use authenticate middleware.
// Handles authentication requests to `/api/Authenticate`.
var authenticate = require('bones-auth').authenticate;
server.use(authenticate({ secret: secret });