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Bluemix Generator

Generate backend templates for Bluemix

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$ npm install -g bluemix-generator
$ bluegen



The Bluemix Generator, or bluegen, is a cross-platform tool developed by the CORD team to quickly generate complex backends for samples and templates using IBM Bluemix. The tool provisions requested services, populates them with user-defined data, scaffolds template code, and sets up a new project for fast and easy deployment to Bluemix.

In addition, bluegen supports event-based custom service handlers that let a developer specifically tailor his or her template with dynamically-generated files, messages, and actions for a user.

Note: This package is not intended for production environments


For bluegen to work, the template repository must be in the following format:

generator.js (optional)

The data/ directory is required as bluegen copies the contents of this folder into your newly generated project for redeployment. The template/ directory holds the files you want to scaffold, and the generator.json defines the runtime and services of your application.

For your generator.json to be valid, it requires the following fields:

For each service to be valid, it requires the following fields:

Note: Currently the only built-in service handlers are for Cloudant NoSQL DB and Object Storage

Custom Service Handlers

Custom service handlers are also optionally supported, so you can specify actions to be taken after a specific service is provisioned by adding a generator.js.

There are currently four events that are triggered:

  1. validation: The validation event is triggered immediately when the application is started. It can be used to verify the user's environment.

  2. preferences: The preferences event is triggered after a user goes through the interactive prompt. It contains data like the organization, space, and application name.

  3. service: The service event is triggered immediately after each service specified in the configuration file is provisioned. It contains the service credentials that Bluemix returns for that particular service.

  4. complete: The complete event triggers after the template is set up and services provisioned. Here we can specify instructions for how the user should run the new project.


The examples/ directory in this repository links to the current backends that are using the Bluemix Generator.

Redeploying data

Simply run the command bluegen inside your project directory to redeploy data to Cloudant NoSQL DB and Object Storage.


We welcome those who wish to contribute. Please see the contributing guidlines.


This package contains sample code provided in source code form. The samples are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"). You may obtain a copy of the License at and may also view the license in the license file within this package.