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    Blossom UI

    Blossom has been built for the ground up to provide an easy way for beginner and advanced web designers and developers to get their hands on a simple but powerful design framework. With a massive library of web elements, Blossom allows users to build & design intuitive websites efficiently.

    Getting started

    Self hosting

    Download the ZIP bundle

    Include it in your markup

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/blossom-ui/css/blossom.min.css"/>

    <script src="/blossom-ui/js/blossom.js"></script>

    NodeJS Dependancy

    Install the package

    npm install blossom-ui --save

    Directly link to the files built in your working directory

    CDN Hosting

    Coming soon


    The Elements section provides a vast range of elements needed to build a site from scratch; ranging from buttons to progress bars, you have all the building blocks needed to make a truly unique page.

    Just hover over the element you want to use and click the code icon. You'll see the HTML markup needed to clone the element for your website.


    The Design section gives you all the helper classes needed to make a customized layout. Use the 12 Column Grid to make the basic structure of your page.

    Make sure to start planning for mobile versions from the start by using several grid classes and breakpoints on your elements.


    The Utility section provides additional helper classes and methods to add that next level of detail to your page.

    Ensure that you use Blossom JS as mentioned in the section to get your Progress Bars and Dropdowns working correctly.


    Most theming can be achieved by editing the variables.styl file within Blossom's src folder. Changing single variables will have an effect across your whole website so try to experiment from the start to see what suits your site the most.

    A new theming guide has been released, going into detail about different parts of theming.


    Upon installing Blossom, a gulpfile with come along with all source files in the install directory. Run gulp build to watch the source directory and to allow Blossom to be recompiled each time you edit any .styl files.

    The file _.styl in included within Blossoms source folder so that custom Style markup can be written in and compiled directly with Blossom.

    When you are ready for production, simply run gulp build so that Blossom JS and Blossom CSS can be compiled and minified.


    Found any issues with the build? Make sure you let me know by posting an issue.

    Feel free to post enhancements in the Issues section

    Licensed under MIT - Copyright (c) 2017


    npm i blossom-ui

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