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Scaffold and serve html, specifically focused on bl.ocks. Go from idea to block from the comfort of your own text editor.



bl.ocks is a great tool! But using the Gist site as a text editor is no fun. This little tool helps you make blocks just a tiny bit faster:

  • one command, blockup, scaffolds and serves a new block
  • write ES6 and it gets compiled down to ES5
  • write Stylus and it gets compiled to CSS (because you have a finite number of keystrokes)
  • browser reloads on file change
  • errors during compilation pop up in notification bar
  • check for missing expected files with blockup check
  • publish directly to gist with blockup publish

That's it for now. It probably won't grow beyond this. But if you have an idea, I'd like to hear it!

now with module imports!

  • Stop dumping all your code in script.js! - now you can do this in blockup:
import draw from './draw.js'


Usage: blockup <command>
  new      scaffold and serve a new block (default if directory is empty)
  serve    serve current block (default if directory is not empty)
  check    check if any expected files are missing
  publish  publish this block as a gist via gistup
  -h, --help  Show help                                                [boolean]
  --version   Show version number                                      [boolean]

great! but is there a way to upload to gist from the command line?

Yes! You can use the built-in command blockup publish for most use cases. If you need something more configurable, you can also try using gistup directly.


npm install -g blockup

ugh there's an error

Great! Add your error to so we can improve this tiny tool.