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A simple helper tool to create block scopes, that are easier to read than self-invoked anonymous functions.

If you feel you have seen something like this before, then it's probably because it is partly inspired by: RequireJS' define.

What's different from anonymous functions?

A self-invoked anonymous function looks something like this:

(function(that, argument1, argument2) {
  // Code that needs local scope.
  // Now imagine keeping the overview of arguments,
  // when the block of code gets large.
})(this, argument1, argument2);

A block-scope function looks something like this:

blockScope(argument1, argument2, function(argument1, argument2) {
  // Code that needs local scope.
  // This creates a nice overview of what is put in
  // and what names it get, inside the the function

To install

npm install block-scope