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HTTP REST API server in Node for blink(1) devices

Supports plug and unplug of blink(1) while server is running.

Uses new node-hid@0.5.0 so works with Node 4.x.

This code base was based off of node-blink1-server. I wanted to build something that was geared more towards productivity enhancers vs just a play tool. I wrote this with the expectation that I would be performing most of my long running tasks on virtual machine. Running this on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone would also be a cool use.

I use /dnd to show that I'm currently on a phone call (busy light) and I use /done and /fail for work tasks. The Blink(1) has 2 LEDs.


Install globally and use on the commandline:

npm install -g blink1-status-hub

# starts server on

# starts server on port
blink1-server 8080

# starts server on 4949 using en0's IP (osx)
blink1-server 4949 en0

# starts server on 4949 using eth0's IP (linux)
blink1-server 4949 eth0

# starts server running on local parallels VM host adapter
blink1-server 4949 vnic0

Or check out and use via npm:

git clone
cd blink1-status-hub
npm install
npm start 4949

Supported URIs:

  • /status -- status info about connected blink1s, lastColor, etc.
  • /clear -- fade blink(1) off -- Both LEDs:
  • /off -- fade blink(1) off -- Both LEDs:
  • / -- fade blink(1) to a color. query args:
    • rgb -- hex color code (e.g. "#ff00ff") [required]
    • time -- fade time in seconds (default: 0.3)
    • ledn -- LED to control (0=both, 1=top, 2=bottom; default: 0)
  • /blink -- blink a color, query args:
    • rgb -- hex color code (e.g. "#ff00ff") [required]
    • time -- fade & blink time in seconds (default: 0.1)
    • ledn -- LED to control (0=both, 1=top, 2=bottom; default: 0)
    • repeats -- number of times to blink (default: 3)
  • /dnd -- Alias to / that defaults to turning the #2 LED red.
  • /done -- Alias to /blink that defaults to flashing the #1 LED green 4 times.
  • /fail -- Alias to /blink that defaults to flashing the #1 LED pink 4 times.
  • /free -- Turns off just the #2 LED used for /dnd.

My setup of choice

I run this service on my host machine. My host and virtual machines all have aliases created in ~/.profile that allow for quick execution

My OSX Laptop/Parallels Host

getIP() {
    ifconfig $1 | awk '$1 == "inet" {print $2}'

alias blink-off="curl -s \"http://$(getIP vnic0):4949/clear\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-clear="blink-off"
alias blink-dnd="curl -s \"http://$(getIP vnic0):4949/dnd\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-free="curl -s \"http://$(getIP vnic0):4949/free\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-done="curl -s \"http://$(getIP vnic0):4949/done\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-fail="curl -s \"http://$(getIP vnic0):4949/fail\" > /dev/null"

One of my virtual machines I run docker from


alias blink-off="curl -s \"http://$HOSTIP:4949/clear\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-clear="blink-off"
alias blink-dnd="curl -s \"http://$HOSTIP:4949/dnd\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-free="curl -s \"http://$HOSTIP:4949/free\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-done="curl -s \"http://$HOSTIP:4949/done\" > /dev/null"
alias blink-done="curl -s \"http://$HOSTIP:4949/fail\" > /dev/null"

How I use it

# simple example
> sleep 5; blink-done

# with error example
> sleep 5 && cd /imaginary-folder && blink-done || blink-fail


npm i blink1-status-hub

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