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An easy to use ble-scanner (bluetooth smart / 4.0) for node. Requires a Linux OS with bluez stack tools (hciconfig, hcitool, hcidump) to be installed.


The ble-scanner is designed as a singleton class. It can be used as followed:

#require module
Scanner = require("ble-scanner");

# define input
device = "hci0";
callback = (packet) ->
  # packet is an array with hex values
  console.log "Received Packet: " + packet

# create new Scanner
bleScanner = new Scanner(device,callback);

The code above will result in every packet received to be logged to the console.


  1. The device is used to make sure the specific device is up. The scan is not device specific.
  2. The callback is handed an array with hex-values as strings. Interpreting the packet is not done by ble-scanner.

Known issues

  1. HCITOOL does not terminate correctly.