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Blaze Slider


Blaze slider is a high-performance JavaScript UI library for creating sliders.

The Problem

Existing slider libraries are not designed with performance in mind. They block the main thread for a long time when initializing a slider which results in poor UX and poor FID metric for your website.

They also create layout shifts that negatively impact the UX and CLS metric of your website. These libraries don't provide any idiomatic way to reduce the layout shifts.

The Solution

Blaze slider is built to fix these issues. It can initialize the slider incredibly fast. It initializes the slider 30x faster than the Slick slider, and 15x faster than the Swiper slider.

Blaze Slider allows you to specify the layout configuration via CSS variables which enable slider initialization with zero layout shifts! - so that your slider will look exactly the same before and after javascript runs.


Rank Library Time Speed Layout Shift Fixable?
1 Blaze ⚡️ 1.4ms 1x Yes
2 Keen 6.3ms 4.5x slower Yes - Manually*
3 Embla 7.5ms 5.3x slower Yes - Manually*
4 Glide 10.0ms 7.14x slower Yes - Manually*
5 Flickity 12.3ms 8.78x slower Yes - Manually*
6 Swiper 28.3ms 20.2x slower Yes - Manually*
7 Slick 49.29ms 35.2x slower Yes - Manually*

Manually* means that the slider library itself does not provide an idiomatic way to fix the layout shift. You have to manually add CSS to fix the layout shifts

Benchmark measures the time taken to create a slider with 10 slides by each slider. Benchmark is measured on Apple M1 Pro CPU with 6X slowdown on Google Chrome 103. The Average of 20 runs is taken.

See Benchmark Repo to see how these libraries are tested


  • Fastest Slider Library
  • Packed with Features
  • Zero Layout Shifts
  • Full TypeScript support
  • CSS Media-Query-based Responsive configuration
  • No slide cloning
  • Extremely small bundle size (2kB)


You can check out the documentation on the website

The documentation is divided into several sections:

Framework Integrations

Blaze Slider is framework agnostic - it can work with all frameworks, all it requires is the DOM element on which you want to initialize the slider and configuration object. Learn More

Here are some prebuilt integrations:


Blaze-slider is MIT licensed.

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