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Blast Proof Reviews – Can It Help You Survive Hypersonic EMP?

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Blast Proof is the only EMP survival plan created to help its readers prepare for “Hypersonic EMP” that can take down the US electric grid system within a few minutes. Additionally, this guide can show you how to prepare yourself and your family to survive the chaos that follows after the disaster.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack is the biggest threat to the US, and the government is not doing anything to prepare against it. In fact, Japan, the closest ally of the US in Asia, is preparing itself against an EMP attack, and it will have five air bases fully protected against EMP or HEMP attacks before 2029.

According to a former US Air Force Officer, the blast from the EMP would create devastating effects in the US because all electrical grid systems are outdated and ill-equipped to handle such an attack and a sudden loss of electricity.

It is high time to prepare yourself to protect yourself and your family.

Alec Deacon, a survival expert with almost two decades of experience, has recently created a new plan called Blast Proof that can help you prepare for Hypersonic EMP and help you safely come out through the carnage that follows the disaster.

However, before you take out your wallet and purchase this survival plan, I want you to read this Blast Proof review till the end as some crucial facts will open your eyes. It will also help you decide whether this plan is for you.

What Is Exactly Blast Proof?

Blast Proof is a well-organized plan created by Alec Deacon with the help of Tyler White.

Tyler White is a true American hero with a military background and did multiple tours to war-torn countries, including two tours to Afghanistan during the Afghan war.

Alec Deacon and Tyler White created the Blast Proof plan to help people get prepared for the hypersonic EMP attack that the biggest enemy of America has been planning for many years. This Blast Proof plan is also created to help people survive and thrive in any life-threatening event, whether natural or manmade.

However, the ultimate goal of Blast Proof is to help people prepare for a hypersonic EMP that can take off all electric grid systems and create lots of chaos due to food shortages.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack will not only create a blackout in the entire USA but can trigger an economic collapse, mass looting, food shortage, and a mass pandemic.

Alec and Tyler have included several survival techniques that protect you against EMP attacks. You can implement these survival techniques in any life-threatening event.

Some of the techniques provided in this plan are:

  • Device Protection Blueprint
  • Safely Bug Out
  • Preparing Car
  • Backyard Food
  • Vital Electronic Gadget Protection
  • EMP-Proof, Off-Grid Home Solar System
  • Home Defense Techniques

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About The Authors: Tyler White and Alec Deacon

Tyler White and Alec Deacon are the authors of the Blast Proof plan. Tyler and Alec have a good experience in survival techniques and are helping people prepare for any such life-threatening situation.

Alec Deacon has a deep passion for survival techniques and keeps learning new survival methods to protect his wife and two sons, Andrew and David. Alec has worked as a hygiene officer in a well-known American company, allowing him to learn everything about food, from cooking to transporting. Also, he likes to do fishing in his free time as it is one of the basic survival skills as well.

On the other hand, Tyler White has a military background and travelled to many countries, including war-worn countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine, and more. Tyler is the right person who can correctly answer what a person can do when EMP strikes the US. Tyler has been teaching various survival techniques to its students for over two decades and has provided all his experience inside the Blast Proof plan.

Recently, Tyler White has provided three simple SOS preparedness steps to Alec that everyone should know. Alec has shared these steps on the Blast Proof official website.

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How Well Can Blast Proof Help You?

Blast Proof was created by Alec and Tyler to help people prepare ahead for the hypersonic EMP attack. It laid down eight techniques that you can implement to protect yourself and your family against such attacks and their aftereffects.

Here’s how Blast Proof can help you:

Protecting Your Devices:

Even a small EMP attack can create severe damage to electronic devices. So, having a proper plan to protect your devices is necessary.

This Blast Proof guide will teach you how to set up your own Faraday cage with the help of conductive devices that will block electromagnetic radiation. Users will also learn how to store their electronic devices in a shielded location, like an underground bunker, to protect them from these electromagnetic waves.

How To Safely Bug Out Techniques:

An EMP attack can take down electronic and transportation infrastructure, affecting communication, transportation, and other life-saving services. If there is chaos in the streets, you need a plan to bug out safely.

Blast Proof contains a list of steps that you can follow to bug out after an EMP attack. These techniques include setting up a plan, taking vital electronic devices, preparing for walking or biking, using battery-powered radio, defending yourself, and more.

Prepare Your Car Techniques:

Modern cars are dependent on electronic systems that can make them impossible to start after an EMP attack. Inside Blast Proof, you will learn how to make your car operate after an EMP attack.

In these sections, you’ll learn how to create a large Faraday cage using metal foil to store your car’s electronic system. Additionally, it will teach you how to select the car to make it less vulnerable to an EMP attack. Finally, you will also learn the best practices of storing spare parts and a physical map to ensure you can make your car work even after an EMP strike.

Backyard Food Techniques:

Growing healthy and nutrient-dense food is essential for an EMP attack survival. It can take time and effort to grow your own food, but it ensures you will continue to have a rich source of nutrition even after an EMP strike.

Alec has vast experience when it comes to growing, cooking, storing, and transporting food. Inside Blast Proof, you will learn valuable techniques like choosing nutrient-dense foods, setting up raised garden beds, having natural pest control using a homemade spray, and collecting rainwater for your plan.

Along with these techniques, you’ll also learn many other vital techniques inside Blast Proof that help you prepare for an EMP attack or any other life-threatening situation.

Free Bonuses Inside Blast Proof:

The main goal of Blast Proof is to ensure its users prepare ahead for an EMP attack and survive it without any severe life or financial damage. However, Alec and Tyler want to ensure that users can utilize these techniques in any natural or manmade catastrophe situation.

Alec and Tyler have included three survival bonuses that the users of Blast Proof will get for free. Here is a brief overview of these bonuses:

Off-Grid Home Protection Systems

In this free bonus guide, you will learn some methods to protect your home without electricity from the electric grid system.

Protecting your home without electricity can be challenging, as most home protection devices rely on a constant electricity supply. However, you can still follow some steps to make your own off-grid home protection systems.

This guide will teach you how to set up your solar-powered system to alert you to any potential attack. Additionally, it will teach you how to train your dog for any potential intruders.

Unscathed Survival:

In this guide, you’ll learn how to create a survival plan to protect you in different disaster situations.

Different disaster situations require different survival plans. However, in this guide, you will learn how to create a survival plan that will be helpful for different disaster conditions.

In this free bonus guide, you’ll learn how to create a disaster kit, when to evacuate your place, how to create a shelter, and much more.

How To Make Your Own Pharmacy:

In this free guide, you will learn how to make your own pharmacy when you don’t have access to a nearby medical facility. This guide will show some useful ways to track your medications and home remedies.

Additionally, this guide will tell you how to create home remedies using teas, oils, and herbal extracts that you can use regularly.

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Is Blast Proof Affordable? And Where To Buy It?

Blast Proof is the hypersonic EMP survival guide that teaches how to prepare ahead and survive an EMP strike and the darkest days.

Blast Proof was launched from its official website, but now you can purchase it from different online retailers like Amazon and Goodreads. The price of this book varies due to the format of the book, like physical or ebook.

However, if you want instant access to Blast Proof, you can visit the official website. Additionally, you will get a maximum discounted price and a money-back guarantee when you get it from the official website.

You can get the Blast Proof plan and its bonuses in just a one-time payment of $39. After you complete the payment process, you will get immediate access to the secret download page, where you can download all eBooks and guides and read them on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

You’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee that will give you peace of mind to try this survival plan for 60 days without any risk of losing money. If you don’t find it useful, you can get your money back.

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What Are The Benefits of Blast Proof Survival Plan?

Blast Proof is the only survival guide that focuses on preparing its users for hypersonic EMP. Experts considered hypersonic EMP more powerful and destructive than traditional EMPs.

Here are four benefits you will get when you prepare yourself with the Blast Proof survival plan:

Protection: Blast Proof teaches users how to protect their electronic devices against an EMP attack, such as storing them in the Faraday cages. It also provides valuable information on how to disconnect electronic devices to avoid severe damage.

Preparation: Blast Proof survival guide teaches people how to prepare for a hypersonic EMP that can severely damage the national grid system, taking down transportation and communication networks.

Survival Skills: People can learn some vital survival skills from Blast Proof. People can learn how to grow their plants, protect their homes from potential looters and invaders, and many more survival skills from this survival plan.

Peace of Mind: With the Blast Proof plan, you will get peace of mind by knowing you finally have the plan to protect yourself and your family from any catastrophic situation. You’ll also keep things under your control in a situation where people don’t know how to survive.

Final Verdict: Do You Really Need To Get Blast Proof?

It is always necessary to prepare ahead for any disaster situation, especially EMP. It is impossible to predict when any disaster situation can occur, so planning can ensure your safety.

Hypersonic EMP can create severe damage to electric grid systems, and experts believe US national grid systems cannot handle these attacks.

Blast Proof is the only hypersonic EMP survival guide that teaches steps that you can follow to have a proper way of transportation, communication, and food supply in an emergency situation. It includes many techniques you can implement to protect yourself and your loved ones.

All the techniques you will learn inside Blast Proof will also help you to survive any disaster situation, like hurricanes and earthquakes that also damage power, transport, and communication mediums.

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