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Migrate your posts from your current blog and into a blacksmith-compatible format.

Apprentice currently supports the following blogs:

  • wordpress
  • habari

But adding support for [your current blog software] is as trivial as writing a MySQL query. Check out blogs.json for an idea of how to structure an apprentice-compatible query.


  1. Run npm install blacksmith-apprentice.
  2. Edit config.json to include your database details and its current blog engine.
  3. run node apprentice.js. Apprentice will create an output directory containing the blacksmith-formatted posts. These can be put in your blacksmith site's pages directory.
  4. These pages will be converted to HTML with your other posts next time you run blacksmith generate.


  • Wordpress uses a <!--more--> tag to represent where the preview and rest of content are separated. Apprentice will change this to the blacksmith/wheat version, which is ## in Markdown.
  • Apprentice does not transcode from HTML to Markdown, so if you use any HTML markup in your posts in [your current blog software], it will be unchanged. This shouldn't cause an issue for the Markdown -> HTML conversion that happens during blacksmith generate.