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Blackjack CLI Tools



These CLI tools are designed to ease working on Blackjack related projects. They should arm anyone unfamiliar with a typical Blackjack project with the necessary tools to run and contribute to such projects.

Once installed, you can be able to start a new component from scratch and run that component in isolation on a server. You can also perform additional tasks such as lint the codebase, or run unit tests.


Sadly due to odd NPM dependency issues (which will be fixed by us in future versions of the tools), you need to clone the tools and follow a few install steps. In the future we'll get this down to a npm install -g sky-uk/blackjack-tools.

Firstly, clone the repository somewhere on your machine:

git clone

Then run an NPM install:

cd blackjack-tools
npm install

Wait roughly 5 years.

Finally, you need to add the ./bin directory to your path. To do this, get your current working directory, and append /bin to it. Then add it to your path:

pwd # Returns something like /Users/joshnesbitt/Code/blackjack-tools
export PATH="$PATH:/Users/joshnesbitt/Code/blackjack-tools/bin"

You'll probably want to save the export in your bash profile.

Now you should be able to use the tools anywhere on your system:

blackjack --help


The target application you're running tests on should have the following babel packages installed:

  • babel-loader

Note: we're working on ensuring these dependencies are managed outside of the application.


For more information on the supported commands, run blackjack --help.

Commands are currently being developed, the status of them is defined below.


  • init - create a new component.
  • lint - lint all in test and lib dirs.
  • test - run JS tests in your test directory.
  • preview - preview the built component locally.


No pending commands right now.


Contributing & Bug Reports

Contribution guidelines are shared with the main project, please see the there.

We keep a list of features and bugs in the issue tracker.