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Sqlite module for node and backendjs


  var sqlite = require("bkjs-sqlite");

  var db = new sqlite.Database("test.db", sqlite.SQLITE_OPEN_CREATE, function(err) {
     if (err) console.log(err);

     this.runSync("PRAGMA cache_size=5000");
     this.runSync("CREATE TABLE test(a int, b text)")

     this.query("SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type=?", ["table"], function(err, tables) {
        console.log(err, tables);

Database class

  • new Database(filename, options, callback) - create new database object, the callback will be called with an Error if occured.
  • Properties:
    • open - return 1 if the db is open
    • affected_rows - returns number of rows affected by the last operation
    • inserted_oid - last auto generated ID
  • Methods:
    • exec(sql[, callback]) - execute the SQL statememt in a worker thread
    • run(sql, [values], [callback]) - execute a DDL statement in a worker thread, supports parameters in the statement
    • runSync(sql, [values]) - execute a DDL statement synchronously
    • query(sql, [values], [callback]) - execute any SQL statement in a worker thread, if a callback is given it will be passed an array with result if exists, otherwise empty array
    • querySync(sql, [values]) - execute a SQL statement synchronously, returns array with result
    • close([callback]) - close the database in a worker thread
    • closeSync() - close the database in the main thread
    • copy(db2) - copy currently open database into another, db2 can be an open db object or a file name

Statement class

  • new Statement(db, sql, callback) - create new SQL statement object for a database and SQL statement, a callback will be called with an error if occured, otherwise prepared statement is ready for execution
  • Methods:
    • prepare(sql, [callback]) - prepare another SQL statement in the existing statement object
    • run([callback]) - execute prepared DDL statement in a worker thread
    • runSync() - execute prepared DDL statememnt in the main thread
    • query([values], [callback]) - execute prepared statement with values for the parameters, if callback is given it will be passed the results
    • querySync([values]) - execute prepared statement with values for the parameters in the main thread
    • finalize() - close and free the statement, it cannot be used anymore and will be deleted eventually


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