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Cache module for node and backendjs


  • Generic cache outside of V8 heap, implements named sets of caches, name refers to a separate named cache with its own set of keys:
    • put(name, key, value) - save a key value pair in the named cache
    • incr(name, key, value) - increment a key value, non existent keys are assumed to be 0
    • get(name, key) - return value for a key
    • del(name, key) - delete a key
    • exists(name, key) - returns true if a key exists
    • keys(name) - return a list of all keys in the named cache
    • clear(name, ttl) - delete all keys, if ttl is greater than 0 then it must be a number of seconds the cache will be alive till it expires, all subsequent items put in the cache will live until it expires automatically
    • names() - returs all existing named caches
    • size(name) - returns size of a cache
    • each(name, callback) - call a callback for each key
    • begin(name) - returns first key
    • next(name) - returns next key or undefined when reached the end
  • LRU internal cache outside of V8 heap:
    • lruInit(max) - init LRU cache with max number of keys, this is in-memory cache which evicts older keys
    • lruStats() - return statistics about the LRU cache
    • lruSize() - return size of the current LRU cache
    • lruCount() - number of keys in the LRU cache
    • lruPut(name, val [, expire]) - set/replace value by name, expire is the time in the future when this key becomes invalid
    • lruGet(name [, now]) - return value by name, if now is given in ms then a key with ttl below this timestamp will be considered invalid and deleted even if the expiration never been set before
    • lruIncr(name, val [, expire]) - increase value by given number, non existent items assumed to be 0
    • lruDel(name) - delete by name
    • lruKeys([pattern] [,level]) - return all cache key names, if pattern is given match all keys beginning with it, if details is 1 then return an array with keys and expiration, if details is 2 then return an array with item key, value and expiration
    • lruClear() - clear LRU cache
    • lruClean() - remove the oldest item from the cache
    • lruFront() - return the oldest key


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