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BitcoinX nodejs-server-exit mod

check you have nodejs 0.10.x:

$ node --version

If not, find package for your system or proceed to

You'll need following repos:

git clone --recursive
git clone
git clone
git clone

Installing the server (a bit convoluted to be able edit things in-place):

cd node-leveldb
git checkout dev/update_0.10
npm install coffee-script
cd ../bitcoinjs-server
npm install ../node-leveldb
npm install .
cd ../node-bitcoin-exit
mkdir node_modules
ln -s ../../bitcoinjs-server node_modules/bitcoinjs
ln -s ../bitcoinjs-gui public
npm install .
node server.js --bchdbg --testnet

Add to ~/.bitcoinjs/testnet/settings.js:

cfg.verifyScripts = false;

(Bitcoinjs is not capable enough to verify odd testnet scripts).