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Bit is the platform for collaborating on components

Bit Workflow

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What is Bit? 🤔

Bit is an open-source cli tool for collaborating on isolated components across projects and repositories.
Use Bit to distribute discrete components from a design library or a project into a standalone reusable package and utilize it across applications.
You can set up your own server for components collaboration, or use the cloud hosting for private and public components sharing.

Why Bit? 🎖️

Bit facilitates the process of collaborating on UI components. Team members can share, maintain, and synchronize isolated components from different projects.

Bit allows teams to:

  • Increase code reusability
  • Increase design and development efficiency
  • Retain UI and UX consistency
  • Increase project's stability

Key Features 🔑

  • Extract a component for sharing directly from an existing library or project.
  • Validate the component's independence by building and testing each component separately from the rest of the project.
  • Change the source code of shared components from any application that utilizes it.
  • Get published changes in components on top of local modifications.
  • Contribute back changes made to components directly from the consuming applications.
  • Automatically wrap each component as an npm package.
  • Distribute discrete components instead of a single massive package.
  • Automate component versioning according to changes in its dependencies.
  • Use with leading frameworks and tools: React, Vue, Angular, Mocha, Jest.
  • Works alongside Git, NPM, and Yarn.

Bit is working with Javascript and Javascript frameworks:

Installation 🚪

Using npm:

npm install bit-bin --global

Using yarn:

yarn global add bit-bin  

Bit cli requires node 8.12 and above. Check other installation methods. cloud 🌩️

Use cloud hosting solution as a shared server and showcase for your components.

Contributing 🎗️

Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

See Contributing.

License 💮

Apache License, Version 2.0 Analytics

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