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A small, generic parser module. It expects that you provide at least a method parse (see below for more details).

Provided methods


Parses an url an calls your parse method with the returned body."http://your-url", function(err, model) {
    // model is the parsed url

If callback is undefined, read returns a promise."http://your-url").then(function(model) {
    // model is the parsed url
}, function(err){
    console.error("err happened during downloading", err);

(more to come)

Expected methods

Your parser should have the following methods:

  • parse: Takes in an entire file as string and returns the JSON representation


  • write: Takes the JSON representation of a file and writes it in the custom format

If the file is line-by-line, one should create a new instance of the parser:

  • parseLine: parses another line
  • result: returns the current, resulting object of the parsing process.

How to extend

With functions

var parser = function(){
  this.parse = function(data){
      return data;

With objects

var throughParserAlt = {
  parse: function(data) {
    return data;


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