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Bing Chat API

Node.js client for the unofficial Bing Chat API. It's like ChatGPT on steroids 🔥

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This package is a Node.js wrapper around Bing Chat by Microsoft. TS batteries included.

Warning This package is a reverse-engineered hack. I do not expect it to continue working long-term, and it is not meant for use in production. I'm building this in public, and you can follow the progress on Twitter @transitive_bs.


Example conversation (30s conversation demo)


npm install bing-chat

Make sure you're using node >= 18 so fetch is available.


npm install bing-chat-patch

#Create your bing proxy, see

export BING_HOST=<your_bing_host> #Please do not include https/http.
import { BingChat } from 'bing-chat-patch';
import dotenv from 'dotenv';

You need access to Bing Chat OR a valid cookie from someone who has access.

The cookie you need from Bing is the _U cookie (or just all of the cookies concatenated together; both will work).

import { BingChat } from 'bing-chat'

async function example() {
  const api = new BingChat({
    cookie: process.env.BING_COOKIE

  const res = await api.sendMessage('Hello World!')

You can follow-up messages to continue the conversation. See demos/demo-conversation.ts for an example.

Note that Bing Chat conversations expire after about 20 minutes, so they're not meant to be long-term objects.

You can add streaming via the onProgress handler:

const res = await api.sendMessage('Write a 500 word essay on frogs.', {
  // print the partial response as the AI is "typing"
  onProgress: (partialResponse) => console.log(partialResponse.text)

// print the full text at the end

See demos/demo-on-progress.ts for a full example of streaming support.

You can also add the the parameter variant to the sendMessage function to change the variant of the AI. The default is Balanced, but you can also use Precise or Creative.

const res = await api.sendMessage('Write a 500 word essay on frogs.', {
  // change the variant to 'Precise'
  variant: 'Creative'


If you create a cool integration, feel free to open a PR and add it to the list.


  • This package is ESM-only.
  • This package supports node >= 18.
  • This module assumes that fetch is installed globally.
  • If you want to build a website using bing-chat, we recommend using it only from your backend API



  • chatgpt - Node.js client for the unofficial ChatGPT API. Same author as this package.
  • discord - Join our discord server for hackers building on top of ChatGPT / Bing / LLMs.


MIT © Travis Fischer

If you found this project interesting, please consider sponsoring me or following me on twitter twitter

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