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This project is now deprecated, we're now focussing on @binance/fiat-widget

## binance-fiat-widget
  1. You are not on any trade or economic sanctions lists, such as the UN Security Council Sanctions list, designated as a “Specially Designated National” by OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department) or placed on the U.S. Commerce Department’s “Denied Persons List”.

  2. You are not providing any restricted/prohibited business that could constitute illegal, unlawful activities

Install By HTML CODE in 5 minutes

  1. You can get your ref_id from Binance Referral Program; and Binance.US ref_id from Binance.US Referral Program

  2. Add the codes below and input your ref_id 1). If you have both and Binance.US ref_id, please input your ref_id under 'ref' and 'us_ref' section respectively 2). If you only have ref_id, please input your ref_id under 'ref' and delete 'us_ref' section

<script src=""></script>
<div id="widget"></div>
        window.onload = function () {
            var t = document.querySelector('#widget')
            window.binanceFiatWidget.Widget(t, {
                locale: 'en',
                coinInfo: {
                  fiat: '',
                  crypto: '',
                  isInUS: false
                urlParmas: {
                  us_ref: 'your us refId',
                  ref: 'your refId'

finally, check the Jump link has the params ref, like this:


    npm install binance-fiat-widget

    // or cdn

    <script src=""></script>


<div id="widget"></div>
import { Widget } from "binance-fiat-widget";

const options = {
  locale: "en",
  width: 200,
  theme: "dark",
  coinInfo: {
    fiat: "",
    crypto: "",
    isInUS: false,
  urlParmas: {
    ref: "",
    us_ref: "",
    utm_source: "",

Widget("#widget", options);
  • react

    import { Widget, unloadWidget } from "binance-fiat-widget";
    const app = () => {
      const t = useRef < HTMLDivElement > null;
      // or
      // const t = document.querySelector('#test')
      useEffect(() => {
        if (t) {
        return () => unloadWidget();
      }, []);
      return <div id="#test" ref={r}></div>;


  • el: selector or DOM element

  • options.locale: string

    i18n, nullable, default: 'en'

    opts: 'cn','de','en','es','fr','id','it','kr','nl','pl','pt','ru','tr','tw','ua','vn',, unsupported locale will fallback to english

  • options.width: number

    width, nullable,

    if width is not set, default is el.offsetWidth

    range: 200 - 500

  • options.theme: string

    theme, nullable, default: 'light'

    opts: 'light' | 'dark'

  • options.urlParmas

    • options.urlParmas.ref: string

      ref id, nullable

    • options.urlParmas.us_ref: string

      Input your ref_id 1). If you have both and Binance.US ref_id, please input your ref_id under 'ref and 'us_ref' section respectively 2). If you only have ref_id, please input your ref_id under 'ref' and delete 'us_ref' section

      us_ref id, nullable

    • options.urlParmas.utm_source: string

      UTM source, nullable

  • options.coinInfo

    • string

      fiat name, nullable

    • options.coinInfo.crypto: string

      crypto name, nullable

    • options.coinInfo.isInUS: string

      For US Widget Partners (Eg. >50% of the website traffic is in US), please input true. USD - For US Residents will be the default fiat option. For International Widget Partners, please input false.

      opts: true | false

  • options.api_host: string

    overlay getCoinListApi, nullable

  • options.us_api_host: string

    overlay getUsCoinListApi, nullable

  • options.skeletonScreen: boolean nullable, default true, show a placeholder widget


  • setXXX

    setXXX is the function to change Widget's characters, you can use it by chaining likes jquery, and you need to use render to render it

    const w = widget(container, opt);
    • setTheme

      change the theme

      const w = widget(container, opt);
    • setLocale

      change the locale

      const w = widget(container, opt);
  • render

    render the widget (after .setXXX() is necessary)

    const w = widget(container, opt);

    render will fetch api, so render return a Promise

    const w = widget(container, opt);
      .then((v) => alert("has render"));
  • unloadWidget

    remove the widget from page, maybe you will use it in React hooks to replace setXXX()

    useEffect(() => {
      if (t?.current) {
        w = Widget(t.current, {
          theme: theme,
      return () => unloadWidget();
    }, [theme]);




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