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2017-07-08 12 04 59

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Running command bili it will compile src/index.js to:

dist/[name].common.js # commonjs format 

The [name] is name in package.json or index as fallback.

You can also generate UMD bundle and compress it with: bili --format umd --compress umd, then you get:

dist/[name].js          # umd format 
dist/[name].min.js      # compressed umd format 
dist/[name]  # compressed file will automatically get sourcemaps 

Not enough? You can have them all in one command bili --format cjs,es,umd --compress umd:

dist/[name].js          # umd format 
dist/[name].min.js      # umd format and compressed 
dist/[name]  # sourcemap for umd format 
dist/[name].common.js   # commonjs format 
dist/[name].es.js       # es-modules format 

Note: In UMD format all third-party libraries will be bundled in dist files, while in other formats they are excluded.


npm install -g bili
# prefer local install 
npm install bili --save-dev

Dive into the documentation if you are ready to bundle!


Why not use Rollup's targets option?

As per Rollup wiki:

import buble from 'rollup-plugin-buble'
export default {
  input: 'src/main.js',
  plugins: [ buble() ],
  output: [
    { file: 'dist/bundle.cjs.js', format: 'cjs' },
    { file: 'dist/bundle.umd.js', format: 'umd' },
    { file: 'dist/', format: 'es' },

You can use an array as targets to generate bundles in multiple formats, which is really neat and helpful.

However, you can't apply different plugins to different target, which means you still need more config files. For example, add rollup-plugin-node-resolve and rollup-plugin-commonjs in umd build, and what about minification? It's yet another config file.

While in bili, it's as simple as running:

bili src/main.js --format cjs --format umd --format es --compress umd

Everything can be done via CLI options, if it's too long to read, you can keep them in bili field in package.json:

  "bili": {
    "entry": "src/main.js",
    "format": ["cjs", "umd", "es"],
    "compress": "umd"