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Big Mac Index Price Calculator 🍔

The Big Mac Index is a purchasing power parity index published by The Economist. It aims to compare purchasing power across the world using the price of a Big Mac.

This library makes it easy to use big mac purchasing power parity in your projects.

You'll need an ipstack API key. Free tier will do just fine. The library uses it to geolocate your users and calculate a fair price based on your American price.

By default there is no currency conversion. Prices come back in USD, adjusted for purchasing power.

The library is designed so it doesn't break server-side rendering. ✌️

How to use 🍔

yarn add bigmac-index-price-calculator

Install bigmac-index-price-calculator

import { ParityPrice } from "./index";
const parity = new ParityPrice(`<your api key>`);
const fairPrice = await parity.price(149)

fairPrice now contains the fair price for your product.

Displaying location

You might want to tell your users that prices have been adjusted for purchasing power parity. Set the meta flag to include the full response from ipstack.

import { ParityPrice } from "./index";
const parity = new ParityPrice(`<your api key>`);
const { fairPrice, location } = await parity.priceWithLocation(149)

This includes currency information, if you have a paid ipstack API key.

Using on the backend

You can optionally provide an IP argument to use a custom IP. Useful on a server where you see the user's IP in your request handler and don't want to fetch pricing info in the name of your server.

import { ParityPrice}  from "./index";
const parity = new ParityPrice(`<your api key>`);
const { fairPrice, location } = await parity.price(149, '')

SSL requests

If your ipstack API key supports it, you can enable SSL.

import { ParityPrice}  from "./index";
const parity = new ParityPrice(`<your api key>`, true);






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