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Bid React components library

Bid React components is a highly customizable and reusable React component library designed to help you quickly develop sophisticated user interfaces. This library is intended to streamline the development of React applications by providing a collection of predefined and easily configurable components.


You can install Bid React components library using npm:

npm install bid-react-components


import React from "react";
import { Button } from "bid-react-components";

function App() {
  return (
      <Button text="Click here"></Button>

export default App;

Available Components (Version 0.1.0)

Our library provides a variety of highly customizable React components to meet your needs. Here is a list of the core components included:

  1. Alert: A component for displaying alert messages or notifications to the user.

  2. Button: An interactive button component with various styling options.

  3. Container: A component for containing and organizing other elements or content.

  4. Footer: A component for the bottom part of a page or section, often used for additional information or links.

  5. Input: A component for collecting user data, such as text fields, checkboxes, or selection options.

  6. Loader: A component that displays a loading or waiting indicator while an action is in progress.

  7. Modal: A modal component used to display additional content, dialog boxes, or important messages.

  8. Refreshing: A component that allows the user to manually refresh displayed content or data.

  9. ScrollToTop: A component that enables the user to quickly return to the top of a page or scroll to a specific location.

  10. Select: A component for selecting options from a list, often used for dropdown menus.

  11. Sidebar: A component for creating sidebars or navigation menus for the application.

  12. Switcher: A component that allows the user to toggle a function or feature on or off.

  13. TabSwitcher: A component for navigating between different tabs or content panels.

  14. TimePeriod: A component for selecting a time period or interval.

  15. Title: A component for displaying titles or headers, often used to separate content.

  16. TooltipInfo: A component for displaying additional information or explanations when hovering over a specific element.

  17. InputPassword: A component for collecting and masking user passwords.

  18. InputToggle: A toggle-style input component for binary choices.

  19. Omnisearch: A search component that allows users to search across multiple sources.

  20. Loadable: A component for indicating loading or progress.

  21. SmallTitle: A smaller version of the title component for secondary headings.

  22. SmallTitleFlex: A flexible small title component often used for headings with dynamic content.

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