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CommonJS port of BibTeX-js


A pure JavaScript BibTeX parser. Based on the following implementation by Henrik Muehe:

var bibliography = "@inproceedings{Lysenko:2010:GMC:1839778.1839781,\
 author = {Lysenko, Mikola and Nelaturi, Saigopal and Shapiro, Vadim},\
 title = {Group morphology with convolution algebras},\
 booktitle = {Proceedings of the 14th ACM Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling},\
 series = {SPM '10},\
 year = {2010},\
 isbn = {978-1-60558-984-8},\
 location = {Haifa, Israel},\
 pages = {11--22},\
 numpages = {12},\
 url = {},\
 doi = {10.1145/1839778.1839781},\
 acmid = {1839781},\
 publisher = {ACM},\
 address = {New York, NY, USA},\
var parse = require("bibtex-parser")
npm install bibtex-parser
var parse = require("bibtex-parser")

Parses a string as a bibtex file. The result is an object whose properties are the entries of the bibtex file, and whose values are objects with contents of the bibtex file.

  • input is a string representing a bibtex file

Returns A parsed bibtex file as a JSON object

(c) 2010 Henrik Muehe. MIT License

CommonJS port maintained by Mikola Lysenko