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A better console for Node.js

Better Console


$ npm install better-console

better-console is a drop-in replacement for node's default console which gives you colors and more methods in console.

You can override console object itself or assign better console to another variable. It's completely safe to override the native console object because better console calls native console methods for methods that are already available in it.

console = require('better-console');
console.log("This is a log information");
console.table([ [1,2], [3,4] ]);

These methods work exactly same as native console methods but with colors for warn, info or error

Clears the screen

Draws a table of data if a 2d array or object passed to it

Creates a new timer under the given name. Call console.timeEnd(name)` with the same name to stop the timer and print the time elapsed.

Stops a timer created by a call to console.time(name) and write the time

Writes number of times each argument is called with blue color

  • Use Unicode icons to mimic browser console icons in OSX
  • Make console.trace more detailed with V8 flags