Benchpress - a framework for e2e performance tests

Benchpress - a framework for e2e performance tests

The sources for this package are in the main Angular2 repo. Please file issues and pull requests against that repo.

This package contains different sources for different users:

  1. The files located in the root folder can be consumed using CommonJS
  2. The files under /es6 are es6 compatible files that can be transpiled to es5 using any transpiler. This contains:
    • dev/: a development version that includes runtime type assertions
    • prod/: a production version that does not include runtime type assertions
  3. The files under /ts are the Typescript source files

As a convenience, we provide you with /es6/{dev|prod}/es5build.js, a script to transpile the es6 sources into es5 using Google Traceur.

License: Apache MIT 2.0