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Beeceptor cli

Beeceptor's cli lets you easily bind a web service on your localhost (development machine) to a Beeceptor's endpoint. All the requests hitting the Beeceptor endpoint will be routed to a local machine's port and response is served to the caller. This is a great feature to expose local port to the world.

All the requests and responses are visible on the endpoint dashboard as usual. Any request that gets matched to a mocking rule gets a mocked response (i.e. doesn't goes to tunnel).

Step 1: Install Beeceptor cli

The Beeceptor CLI is a developer tool to help connect the local port with Beeceptor servers directly from your terminal. It is easy to install, works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. The Beeceptor CLI is available as an independent executable file.

npm install -g beeceptor-cli


yarn global add beeceptor-cli

Step 2: Run

beeceptor-cli -p <port-number>

Note: You may be asked to update the CLI if it is an obsolete version.

Step 3: Ready to receive requests

You are all set! Any request sent to your Beeceptor's endpoint will now be routed to this port on localhost. The response served by the local service, will be sent back to the caller.

Things to consider

  1. If the service running on the local port didn't respond within 60 seconds, the request times-out and error response will be served.
  2. The mocking rule gets precedence over local tunneling. If a mocking rule is matched, the request never reaches to the localhost's port. This helps you mock some requests and serve rest from the localhost.
  3. You shall see errors like Failed to connect to host (refused) if the service on the local port is not reachable.
  4. By default the Beeceptor CLI connects via HTTP protocol. You can pass --https as an argument to enforce HTTPS protocol.
  5. Max 5 concurrent (open) requests are allowed for tunneling currently. When this limit is hit, the requests are served with 429 - Too many requests error.



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