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# Beaglebone Toolkit

By: Matthew Whited (c) 2014


This is a Node.JS library to simpliy access to Beaglebones. This toolkit includes a simple emulator for developing interfaces without running on a beaglebone.


see beaglebone-toolkit-sample.js for more examples

Create device controllers for beaglebone pins

var bbt = require('./beaglebone-toolkit.js');

// Counters are pulse counters as interrupt on a gpio pin on the rising edge
var counter = new bbt.counter("Flow 2","P9_12","flow meter"),
// Relays are digital interfaces using true/false values
	relay = new bbt.relay("Relay 1","P9_13","power outlet");

setInterval(function() {
	console.log("Counter: ", counter.value);
	console.log("Relay: ", relay.value);
}, 10000);

setInterval(function() {
	relay.value = !relay.value;
}, 5000);

Change History

  • v0.0.1: Initial Release
  • v0.0.2: Fixed relay to use boolean values instead of 1/0
  • v0.0.3: Added button constructor for a device that raises a 'deviceEvent' on rising edge of gpio
  • v0.0.4: Added flow meter device type. couter with an event/check per time period
  • v0.0.5: Minor bug fixes, repaired boolean conversion, updated flow metere control
  • v0.0.6: Update flow meter to accept remote reset

Donations for this project are graciously accepted by paypal or by bitcoin 14e6htNfrxz2Q6c7bHFxM7ThU7zxhNXJoV