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An API built to show off hapi.js

This web API was built to demonstrate some of the hapi features and functionality. It was part of a talk given at Asyncjs on the 10 October 2013. The API is a simple calculator that allows you to add, subtract, divide or multiple two numbers. To demonstrate a more common set of API calls I also added methods to store sums into a mongodb database.


The project makes use of a hapi.js plugin hapi-swagger which self documents the API using the Swagger UI interface. It provides simple forms which developers can use to quickly interact with your API and learn how it works. The forms and documentation are built from the standard hapi.js routes object.


You first need to install node.js and mongodb if you do not already have them on your computer. Then download the code from github:

    $ git clone


    $ curl -L | tar zx


  1. Move into the project directory $ cd be-more-hapi
  2. Run $ npm install
  3. Start the mongodb server $ mongod
  4. Run $ node bin/be-more-hapi
  5. Connect to the server using http://localhost:3003

Example of using tags to show a subset of an API

HAPI-Swagger plugin allows you tag API enpoints into groups that can be displayed independently. The reduced example page http://localhost:3000/reduced demostrates this.


All the sum endpoints are http PUT requests. Where the two numbers are the last two fragments of the URL:


If the sum is completed without error the response is also a simple format:

        "equals": 30


The error format always has 3 properties; code, error and message. There is an optional fourth property validation which is added if the input is in the incorrect format.

       "code": 400,
   "error": "Bad Request",
   "message": "the value of b must be a number",
   "validation": {
     "source": "path",
     "keys": [

Mocha integration test

The project has example integration and unit tests. To run the test within the project type the following command

    $ mocha --reporter list

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