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    BchAddr.js: Bitcoin Cash general purpose address translation for Node.js and web browsers.

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    Plug & Play JavaScript library for all Bitcoin Cash address format translation needs. Easy-to-use, thoroughly tested, and feature complete.

    Support for the new Bitcoin Cash address format which improves upon BIP 173, as well as the Bitpay and Legacy formats.

    Test out a demo address translator powered by BchAddr.js here.


    Using NPM or Yarn

    $ npm install bchaddrjs
    $ yarn add bchaddrjs


    You may also download the distribution file manually and place it within your third-party scripts directory: dist/bchaddrjs-0.5.2.min.js.


    In Node.js

    // Common-JS
    var bchaddr = require('bchaddrjs');
    // ES6 modules
    import bchaddr from 'bchaddrjs';


    Script Tag

    You may include a script tag in your HTML and the bchaddr module will be defined globally on subsequent scripts.

        <script src=""></script>

    Code Examples

    Supported formats, networks and address types.

    var Format = bchaddr.Format; // Legacy, Bitpay or Cashaddr.
    var Network = bchaddr.Network; // Mainnet or Testnet.
    var Type = bchaddr.Type; // P2PKH or P2SH.

    Test if a string is a valid Bitcoin Cash address of any type, in any format.

    var isValidAddress = bchaddr.isValidAddress;
    isValidAddress(null) // false
    isValidAddress('') // false
    isValidAddress('some invalid address') // false
    isValidAddress('bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq') // false
    isValidAddress('1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR') // true
    isValidAddress('CScMwvXjdooDnGevHgfHjGWFi9cjk75Aaj') // true
    isValidAddress('qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk') // true
    isValidAddress('bitcoincash:qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk') // true

    Note: You can use this function to check if any input is a valid Bitcoin Cash address.
    Other functions in this library will throw an InvalidAddressError on invalid inputs.

    Test for address format.

    var isLegacyAddress = bchaddr.isLegacyAddress;
    var isBitpayAddress = bchaddr.isBitpayAddress;
    var isCashAddress = bchaddr.isCashAddress;
    isLegacyAddress('1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR') // true
    isLegacyAddress('qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk') // false
    isBitpayAddress('CScMwvXjdooDnGevHgfHjGWFi9cjk75Aaj') // true
    isBitpayAddress('1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR') // false
    isCashAddress('qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk') // true
    isCashAddress('CScMwvXjdooDnGevHgfHjGWFi9cjk75Aaj') // false

    Test for address network.

    var isMainnetAddress = bchaddr.isMainnetAddress;
    var isTestnetAddress = bchaddr.isTestnetAddress;
    isMainnetAddress('1P238gziZdeS5Wj9nqLhQHSBK2Lz6zPSke') // true
    isMainnetAddress('mnbGP2FeRsbgdQCzDT35zPWDcYSKm4wrcg') // false
    isTestnetAddress('qqdcsl6c879esyxyacmz7g6vtzwjjwtznsggspc457') // true
    isTestnetAddress('CeUvhjLnSgcxyedaUafcyo4Cw9ZPwGq9JJ') // false

    Test for address type.

    var isP2PKHAddress = bchaddr.isP2PKHAddress;
    var isP2SHAddress = bchaddr.isP2SHAddress;
    isP2PKHAddress('1Mdob5JY1yuwoj6y76Vf3AQpoqUH5Aft8z') // true
    isP2PKHAddress('2NFGG7yRBizUANU48b4dASrnNftqsNwzSM1') // false
    isP2SHAddress('H92i9XpREZiBscxGu6Vx3M8jNGBKqscBBB') // true
    isP2SHAddress('CeUvhjLnSgcxyedaUafcyo4Cw9ZPwGq9JJ') // false

    Detect address format.

    var detectAddressFormat = bchaddr.detectAddressFormat;
    detectAddressFormat('qqdcsl6c879esyxyacmz7g6vtzwjjwtznsggspc457') // Format.Cashaddr
    detectAddressFormat('CScMwvXjdooDnGevHgfHjGWFi9cjk75Aaj') // Format.Bitpay

    Detect address network.

    var detectAddressNetwork = bchaddr.detectAddressNetwork;
    detectAddressNetwork('1P238gziZdeS5Wj9nqLhQHSBK2Lz6zPSke') // Network.Mainnet
    detectAddressNetwork('qqdcsl6c879esyxyacmz7g6vtzwjjwtznsggspc457') // Network.Testnet

    Detect address type.

    var detectAddressType = bchaddr.detectAddressType;
    detectAddressType('1P238gziZdeS5Wj9nqLhQHSBK2Lz6zPSke') // Type.P2PKH
    detectAddressType('3NKpWcnyZtEKttoQECAFTnmkxMkzgbT4WX') // Type.P2SH

    Translate address from any address format into a specific format.

    var toLegacyAddress = bchaddr.toLegacyAddress;
    var toBitpayAddress = bchaddr.toBitpayAddress;
    var toCashAddress = bchaddr.toCashAddress;
    toLegacyAddress('qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk') // 1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR
    toBitpayAddress('1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR') // CScMwvXjdooDnGevHgfHjGWFi9cjk75Aaj
    toCashAddress('1B9UNtBfkkpgt8kVbwLN9ktE62QKnMbDzR') // bitcoincash:qph5kuz78czq00e3t85ugpgd7xmer5kr7c5f6jdpwk


    Generate and Browse Locally

    $ npm run docs


    Browse automatically generated jsdocs online.


    npm i bchaddrjs

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