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BBB Node Server

This is a production ready server to be used with Backbone Boilerplate. This provides a replacement that provides a production ready environment, user authentication and a ready to go API to use with Backbone.


BBB Node Server was designed to create as small of imprint on BBB as possible. Getting the server setup just requires one line of code within grunt.js and copying over the correct files.

Copy Files

You will need the following files within the root directory of your bbb project.

*** Note: This will be moved to a node package soon ***

  • /views
  • /routes
  • /node_modules (or run npm install in your root directory)
  • server.js
  • package.json

Update Grunt.js configuration

You'll want to tell BBB to use your server instead of the default server provided. This is a simple one line addition in grunt.js to the server task.

    server: {
   server: require('./server.js'),