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bazel-stack-vscode API

This package contains the APIs used to interact with the bazel-stack-vscode extension.

Implementing Problem Matchers

Problem matchers can be registered with the bazel-stack-vscode extension to extend its diagnostic capabilities. Problem Matchers are named regular expressions that are used to match lines in the stdout/stderr of a particular tool. Matching results are displayed in the editor making it easy to see and navigate to problem areas in a source file.

For example, consider the proto_library rule. When a rule of this class is executed, a ProtoCompile action is spawned that performs the actual work and runs the protoc tool (the name ProtoCompile is called the action mnemonic). The protoc tool complains about errors in a format like proto/example.proto:111:17: Field number 5 has already been used in "foo.Message" by field "finished".

The corresponding problem matcher associates the mnemonic name ProtoCompile with a regular expression (as well as metadata that instructs how to map the matching parts into meaningful tokens):

    "name": "ProtoCompile",
    "fileLocation": [
    "pattern": [
            "regexp": "(.*):(\\d+):(\\d+): (.*)$",
            "file": 1,
            "line": 2,
            "column": 3,
            "message": 4

Note that the format & design of problem matchers is nearly identical to Please refer to that documentation for more specifics about the format.

To register the same matcher under multiple names, use a comma-separated list for the name: field (e.g. ProtoCompile,GenProtoDescriptorSet).

Creating a Problem Matcher Extension

For example, let's say you are working with haskell, and you'd like to make it easier to find problems in ghc output. Here are the steps you'd take to create this extension:

  1. Fork an existing example such as stackb/bazel-stack-vscode-go.
  2. Replace the name to match the language or tool: s/bazel-stack-vscode-rules-go/bazel-stack-vscode-rules-haskell/g.
  3. Delete the golang problem matchers in package.json and replace with your tool specific matchers in your package.json. In order to do this properly, you'll need to know the mnemonic names of the actions spawned by haskell rules and ensure these are an exact string match (the mnemonic name of the action is used to find the correct problem matcher).
  4. Make sure your problem matcher definitions have tests. The API has a test runner that makes it easy to write tests with examples.
  5. Publish your extension to the vscode marketplace.
  6. Install the extension within vscode. At extension load time, your extension will find the bazel-stack-vscode extension and populate it with your problem matchers. At runtime, these problem matchers will be used to create tool-specific diagnostics.

Problem Matcher Extensions




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