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bashprompt.js is a framework and a command line tool to create your own and full featured prompt for bash. It is built in javascript and node.js.

Don't know about what I'm talking about? Take a look on this ancient HOWTO ;)

Convinced? Now see how you can get one:

Download & Install

Install as a usual node.js package with npm utility:

$ npm install bashprompt

Note that you will also need a patched font in case you want to show any of those unicode characters at your prompt.

If so, please choose and download a font at

Once you installed all this requirements you will be ready to setup and start using bashprompt on your system. Let's start to setup the default configuration:

Add these lines to your .bashrc :

function _bashPrompt() {
    export PS1="$(bp build $?)" # 2> /dev/null)"
# Bash provides an environment variable called PROMPT_COMMAND. The contents of this
# variable are executed as a regular Bash command just before Bash displays a prompt.


Here is an screenshot of my current bash prompt:

bashprompt example

Create your own prompt

To create your own prompt:

  • TODO
  • ..
  • ..
  • ..


Want to help? There's always tasks to do!


This utility is covered by MIT LICENSE :