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Basenji is a simple framework for building modern Javascript apps using Redux, React and ES6.

Basenji documentation

The problem

Settings up React, Redux projects is a problem. You have to deal with standards, webpack, eslint, babel etc.

Basenji simplifies this and sets a standard. Build modern web applications by using a high quality framework and structure based on research of boilerplates, starter kits and in-production webapps.


  • No boilerplate, only your applications code
  • Live reloading
  • CSS modules, SCSS, PostCSS, Autoprefixing
  • ES6, React, Redux


Basenji documentation


npm install basenji -g

Create a project

basenji init

Start developing

npm start

Testing your application

npm test

Build your applications

npm run build

Build your applications and run server (so you can check stuff in production)

npm run build-server