node package manager


very early stages.


There is not very much in the way of flexibility at this point, and really only one feature is working, but we'll take it for the time being.

var express = require( 'express' ),
    barebone = require( 'barebone-cms' );
var app = express();
barebone.initialize( app );
app.get( '/', function( req, res ) {
    barebone.articles.readAll( function( results ) {
        res.send( results );
app.get( '/newArticle', function( req, res ) {
    barebone.articles.renderNew( req, res );
}); '/newArticle', function( req, res ) {
    barebone.articles.create( req, res );
app.listen( 3030, '' );
console.log( 'temp app running at http://localhost:3030/' );

The above example will get you a working form that connects to a mongo instance and adds a cat with the name in the form to it.

Please note that mongodb must be installed on your machine and the daemon must be running. bareboneCMS takes care of configuring and connecting to the db, but the actual db software must be installed on the host machine.

available function calls:

after the first four lines of code above:

1.  barebone.article.readAll( callback, res, template ) // function is overloaded, see docs 
2.  barebone.article.renderNew( req, res, template )
3.  barebone.article.create( req, res )
4. callback, res, template ) // function is overloaded, see docs 
5. req, res, template )
6. req, res )

In both cases of readAll( callback res, template ), there are two options for use. readAll( x, y z ) can be passed:
-a callback function with a single parameter, the parameter is json object of the results.
-res and req objects, followed by a template (containing appropriate template logic ie ejs with appropriate fields).


why my own CMS? mostly a learning exercise. but also sometimes it seems like wordpress is a little overkill. so is squarespace. come on those have learning curves as steep as programming in the first place.

i've been working with node lately, and i just needed a very simple
content management system that does nothing but that-
manages content.