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Travis CI  

Talk to your clients in real-time as they browse your website over IRC!

Demo video:

It couldn't be any simpler the way it works. All of your support staff sit in one IRC channel, and clients can connect for help. They all enter the same IRC channel, but are unable to see each other. Messages are sent from the channel to individual clients using "USER: Hi!" format, and customers respond with their messages visible to all support staff – with each staff member having the ability to respond individually and directly.


Once you've installed npm and grunt:

  • Minify the JS and Sass files: grunt build
  • Run the Jasmine tests: grunt
  • Run the Ruby server: ruby demo/server/default.rb



By running grunt the Sass stylesheet will be processed and a CSS file created in dist. If you want to update the path to the images directory, then you can do that in the default.scss file by changing $assets-path and then running grunt.