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Reactive Angular 💥


Program watertight web-based user interface behavior with AngularJS and Bacon.js.

Enjoy everything that’s good about functional reactive programming with all the benefits of a mature and vibrant front-end framework ecosystem.

The nature of user interfaces and front-end apps in general is inherently asynchronous. Servers and users have one thing in common: you never know when they decide to talk to you. BangJS offers you the tools to take this challenge head on:

  • make support for asynchronous logic the default;
  • focus on your business logic instead of managing state;
  • keep your code maintainable and scalable due to inherent composability.

No need to go all-in, no lock-ins. It's all pretty unpretentious, go see for yourself!


Quick code sample and main API docs.


Concise and compliant implementation of the TodoMVC benchmark app:


BangJS was created by Tim Molendijk, uses Bacon.Circuit internally and is currently in production use at Nouncy.

Contributions are welcomed. Feel free to email me or send in an issue or pull request.