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A coffeescript without that bitter after-taste.


bailey.js is a pragmatic language that parses to javascript. Sort of like coffeescript, but a lot more inspired by python than ruby, with a focus on creating a cleaner, saner language with less flaws.

bailey.js is currently very, very work in progress, and backwards-incompatible changes can occur without much warning.

npm install bailey -g

Compile .bs files in a directory to .js files like so:

bailey examples/ build/

$ make help
    browser - make browser version
    parser  - create the peg parser if it does not exist
    clean   - delete the peg parser
    test    - run this often

Pull requests are welcome! The following commit conventions have been established, with more to come...

  • 💥 for backwards incompatible changes. Uh-oh.
  • 📓 for doc changes