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    Node BACstack

    A BACnet protocol stack written in pure JavaScript. BACnet is a protocol to interact with building automation devices defined by ASHRAE.

    Note: This is an early prototype and shall not be considered as stable. Use it with caution and at your own risk!


    Add Node BACstack to your project by using:

    npm install --save bacstack

    The API documentation is available under fh1ch.github.io/node-bacstack.


    The BACNET standard defines a wide variety of services as part of it's specification. While Node BACstack tries to be as complete as possible, following services are already supported at this point in time:

    Service Execute Handle
    Who Is / I Am yes yes¹
    Who Has / I Have yes¹ yes¹
    Time Sync yes yes¹
    UTC Time Sync yes yes¹
    Read Property yes yes¹
    Read Property Multiple yes yes¹
    Read Range yes¹ yes¹
    Write Property yes yes¹
    Write Property Multiple yes yes¹
    Add List Element yes¹
    Remove List Element yes¹
    Create Object yes¹ yes¹
    Delete Object yes¹ yes¹
    Subscribe COV yes¹ yes¹
    Subscribe Property yes¹ yes¹
    Atomic Read File yes¹ yes¹
    Atomic Write File yes¹ yes¹
    Reinitialize Device yes yes¹
    Device Communication Control yes yes¹
    Get Alarm Summary yes¹
    Get Event Information yes¹
    Get Enrollment Summary
    Acknowledge Alarm yes¹
    Confirmed Event Notification yes¹
    Unconfirmed Event Notification yes¹
    Unconfirmed Private Transfer
    Confirmed Private Transfer

    ¹ Support implemented as Beta (untested, undocumented, breaking interface)


    var bacnet = require('bacstack');
    // Initialize BACStack
    var client = new bacnet({adpuTimeout: 6000});
    // Discover Devices
    client.on('iAm', function(device) {
      console.log('address: ', device.address);
      console.log('deviceId: ', device.deviceId);
      console.log('maxAdpu: ', device.maxAdpu);
      console.log('segmentation: ', device.segmentation);
      console.log('vendorId: ', device.vendorId);
    // Read Device Object
    var requestArray = [{
      objectId: {type: 8, instance: 4194303},
      properties: [{id: 8}]
    client.readPropertyMultiple('', requestArray, function(err, value) {
      console.log('value: ', value);


    Implementing and maintaining a protocol stack is a lot of work, therefore any help is appreciated, from creating issues, to contributing documentation, fixing issues and adding new features.

    Please follow the best-practice contribution guidelines as mentioned below when submitting any changes.

    Conventional Changelog

    This module has a changelog which is automatically generated based on Git commit messages. This mechanism requires that all commit messages comply with the Conventional Changelog. You can check if your commit messages complies with those guidelines by using:

    npm run changelog

    Code Style

    This module uses the Google JavaScript Code-Style and enforces it using JSCS as additional linter beneath JSHint. You can test if your changes comply with the code style by executing:

    npm run lint

    Testing and Coverage

    Testing is done using Mocha and is separated into two sets, unit and integration. While unit tries to test on function level, including synthetic decoding and encoding, the integration tests are using real recorded data and are only mocking the transport layer.

    For both sets, the test-coverage is calculated using Istanbul. Running the tests and calculating the coverage can be done locally by executing:

    npm run test
    npm run integration

    It is expected that new features or fixes do not negatively impact the test results or the coverage.


    The API documentation is generated using JSDoc and relies on in-line JSDoc3 syntax. The documentation can also be built locally by executing:

    npm run docs

    It is expected that new features or changes are reflected in the documentation as well.


    The MIT License

    Copyright (c) 2017 Fabio Huser fabio@fh1.ch


    npm i bacstack

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