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Backbone Storage

A simple storage class for Backbone Models and Collections.

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Note: requires a global Promise object to exist, please include a Promise polyfill if necessary.

In order to create a new Store extend the Storage class and set the model and collection to the correct classes.

import Storage from '';
import Book from './model';
import Books from './collection';
var BookStore = Storage.extend({
  model: Book,
  collection: Books
var bookStore = new BookStore();


In order to retrieve a model from the store simply call find() with an id, an object with an id, or a model instance with an id. If the model does not exist in the store, it will be fetched from the server via the model's fetch() method.

bookStore.find(1).then(model => {
  model.get('name'); // >> A Tale of Two Cities

You can optionally pass a boolean forceFetch to ensure a call is made to the backend. Default is false.

bookStore.find(1, true);


To retrieve the entire collection from the store call findAll(). If the collection has not previously been synced it will call the collection's fetch() method.

bookStore.findAll().then(collection => {
  collection.length; // >> 10

Allows a object 'options' that will get passed to the collection fetch call.

  data: { sortBy: 'name' }
}).then(collection => {
  collection.length; // >> 10

You can optionally pass a boolean forceFetch to ensure a call is made to the backend. Default is false.

bookStore.findAll({}, true);


When you want to save a model back to the server call the save() method with the model you wish to save. If the model did not previously exist in the store it will be inserted.

var book = new Book({ name: 'Lolita' }); => {; // >> 11


To insert a model into the store without any server interaction use the insert() method.

var book = new Book({ name: 'Invisible Man' });
bookStore.insert(book).then(model => {
  model.get('name'); // >> Invisible Man


Getting Started

Fork and clone this repo.

git clone && cd

Make sure Node.js and npm are installed.

npm install

Running Tests

npm test


© 2014 James Kyle. Distributed under ISC license.

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