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DustJS templates for Marionette. Overrides the Marionette.Renderer.render to allow dust rendering in the normal Marionette flow of execution. Bypasses Marionette TemplateCache as DustJS has its own cache.



If using a module loader like Requirejs, simply define the three dependencies 'backbone', 'dust' and 'marionette' in your Requirejs config file and then define this module as a dependency after marionette during the initial application setup.

function (_, Backbone) {
  return Backbone.Marionette.ItemView({
    template: 'nameOfTemplateInDustCache'

Make sure all modules defined above are set up correctly in you require config file. Make sure you use the module version of the plugin.


If using a common JS loader, simply require(backbone.marionette.dust) and you should be good to go.


Simply add the non-AMD version to your project after Marionette. Use the template in the same way as the AMD case.

Compiling templates

Templates MUST be compiled before using this plugin. This can be done in any way you choose, for example compiling all templates at page load, or compiling the required template just before you use them.

It is recommended that you pre-compile all templates into a single javascript file for production. This can be done easily with Grunt and the grunt-dustjs plugin.


MIT License