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Epoxy.js : Data Binding for Backbone

Epoxy.js is an elegant and extensible data binding library for Backbone.js; it provides feature-rich extensions of Backbone's Model and View components designed to hook view elements directly to data models. Epoxy captures some great aspects of Knockout.js and Ember.js in a familiar API that feels tastefully like Backbone, with minimal additional file size (~10k-min, 2k-gzip). Some key features in Epoxy include:

  • Computed Model & View Attributes
  • Declarative View Bindings
  • Automated Dependency Mapping
  • Automatic View Updates

Epoxy builds on jQuery/Zepto+Backbone and works where they work: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari, Chrome.

Help & Documentation

For complete installation and usage documentation, visit the project's website at