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Important note

This module is absolutely not ready for any usage, as it is in very early development. Pull requests are welcome, but be aware that everything may change very fast; your relevant pull request today may not be relevant tomorrow.


A simple npm install backbone-relational-mapper should do the trick. Open an issue if it doesn't.

You also need a database driver: npm install pg (the only supported database is Postgres at the moment).


First you need to configure your database connection:

  dialect: 'postgres'
  host: 'localhost'
  database: 'my_database'
  user: 'my_user'
  password: 'my_password'

You should only need to do this once; it should persist across calls to require().

Then, you should define your models as you would do in Backbone-Relational, with an added fields object:

class SomeModel extends Backbone.RelationalModel

    some_text_field: 'TEXT'